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By utilising effective communication and proven therapeutic techniques we can help individuals, couples and families understand problems and overcome them as individuals or as a unit. When an individual within the family has a problem it can affect the entire family and can put a significant strain on relationships. 

Therapy is a beneficial tool that can help resolve conflict and can be an aid when helping individuals deal with divorce, separation and family conflict. It can also help individuals feel empowered when faced with making difficult decisions. 

We have helped individuals overcome challenges with eating disorders, substance abuse and more. Couples therapy can help strengthen both marriages and relationships. Couples often find themselves working through difficult times and are unable to overcome them as they have not been able to address their issues. 

We aim to provide couples with the tools they need to work through their challenges and teach strategies that will help improve their relationships. We have helped couples overcome some of the following challenges:

Our therapists at Tod Augusta Scott Family Therapy have extensive experience working to help people around a wide variety of presenting concerns, including, but not limited to:

Individual Therapy

We provide individual therapy for an unlimited range of life concerns. Whether you’re struggling with mood or anxiety concerns, past trauma, self-esteem issues, work stress, or relationship conflicts, we’re here for you.

Couples Therapy

Therapeutic conversations with an experienced, neutral clinician allow for both partners to feel heard, understood and respected. Our clinicians can help both partners to move toward the loving relationships they want.

Family Therapy

Family life today can be complex and challenging. Our clinicians can help families address behavioural difficulties, conflict and parenting concerns.
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