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Individual Therapy and Counselling Services Halifax, Nova Scotia

Therapists at Tod Augusta Scott Inc. have provided thousands of people in Halifax, Nova Scotia with therapy for individual and family problems over the last two decades. Sometimes clients come to us when they are facing a particular problem for the first time and are unsure of how to deal with it. In other cases, people are having trouble coping with longstanding issues and find themselves stuck. Regardless of what brought you to us, our therapists want to know what is important to you and what you want to accomplish through counselling sessions. The therapist will work with you to explore how you may achieve what you want for yourself and your relationships.  

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Therapy Halifax

Many people have never spoken about painful experiences before because they feel too vulnerable to share with others. Our therapists in Halifax, Nova Scotia are experts at creating safe and comfortable environments for people to share issues that are painful to discuss. They can handle the conversations with care.  

To create safety and trust, Tod Inc’s therapists maintain strict adherence to confidentiality. Clients are encouraged to have conversations at their own pace and to discuss topics in detail only when they feel ready. Effective therapy conversations can happen in one session or after a few sessions, depending on what clients find helpful.  Clients also choose a location where they feel most comfortable.

Individual Therapy Halifax, Nova Scotia

Tod Inc.’s individual therapists have dealt with a wide range of issues. Often individuals want help to address childhood experiences that continue to negatively affect them. Often these experiences can contribute to people feeling insecure, anxious, or depressed and can create difficulties in their intimate relationships. Our therapists help people address their childhood experiences so they can move away from self-defeating ideas and accomplish what they want in life. 

Sometimes clients have been hurt by those they care about. They may want the person who hurt them to take responsibility for the harm they have done and for the relationship to be restored. Sometimes, however, people express their anger in ways that further hurt the relationship. Tod Inc.’s therapists have helped many people process their anger in a manner that contributes to repair for themselves and their relationships.  

Tod Inc.’s therapists have worked with people struggling with addictions and habitual destructive behaviours. These habitual behaviours can range from internet misuse, to constantly yelling in a relationship, to misusing drugs and alcohol.  


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Our booking administrator will respond on the same business day to book your appointment and gather all relevant details needed to connect you with the right therapist. Please note that our services are currently only available to residents of Ontario & Nova Scotia.

The benefits of individual therapy

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