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Tod A. Scott, MSW, RSW

Tod Augusta Scott is known internationally for his work with gender-based violence, restorative approaches and narrative therapy.  He has worked for a trauma-informed community-based organization for over twenty five years.  For the past fifteen he has also worked for the Canadian Armed Forces. He presented his work internationally (Asia, Europe, British Isles, America) and in every province in Canada.  He is the co-founder of the Canadian Domestic Violence Conference. He has also taught in the Department of Social Work, Dalhousie University and continues as a guest speaker on a regular basis.  He has also trained and worked as a consultant for the restorative justice units at Corrections Canada, Halifax Domestic Violence Court, Dalhousie University and the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission. 

He is currently engaged in a four year research project funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada to study the implementation of the Safety and Repair approach to IPV at sites across Atlantic Canada. Tod is the co-editor of and contributor to the critically acclaimed books Narrative Therapy: Making Meaning, Making Lives (Sage Publications, 2007) and Innovations in Interventions to Address Intimate Partner Violence: Research and Practice (Routledge Press, 2017). He has been interviewed by the Huffington Post, NPR, International Journal of Narrative Therapy, CBC The World at Six, Journal of Systemic Therapies and the Globe and Mail. Tod is a regular reviewer for numerous academic journals. He has created a group manual for work with IPV that has been officially adopted by three government departments and non-profits across Canada. Tod was awarded the Distinguished Service Award from the Canadian Association of Social Workers. His work is featured in the ground-breaking documentary A Better Man (2017), a film about domestic violence and restorative justice. Tod serves on the Advisory Council for the Status of Women, Canada.

Some of the methods Tod uses are narrative therapy, somatic therapy, emotionally focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused therapy, trauma therapy, body work therapy, and grief therapy.

Marilee Burwash-Brennan, MSW, RSW

Marilee Burwash-Brennan has worked effectively with couples and families for over thirty years. She is known internationally for working restoratively with couples and families experiencing low and high conflict. She is a past recipient of the Achievement of Excellence Award from the Nova Scotia Council for the Family.

Some of the methods Marilee uses are narrative therapy, emotionally focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy,  trauma therapy,  grief therapy, mindfulness, acceptance, and commitment therapy.

Brock Caldwell, MEd, RCT, CCC

Brock Caldwell works with a wide range of issues including domestic violence, relationship challenges, mental health issues, identity, life-long development, and trauma.   His approach integrates Narrative, Psychodynamic, and body-based Somatic therapies.  First focusing on helping clients to establish a healthy connection with their bodies – which expresses and carries our experiences – then using this powerful mind/body alliance to help people move towards resolving relationship issues, identity questions and trauma.  Brock has extensive experience facilitating groups for veteran’s with PTSI as well as groups for men at the Bridges Institute in Truro N.S. where the focus is on domestic violence and trauma.  As a trainer Brock offers conceptual, practical, and embodied training experiences to help clinicians begin to practice or hone their somatic-based approaches for working with trauma – both in individual and group work. 

Gillian Enright, family therapist, headshot

Gillian Enright, MA, RCT-C, C.C.C., RMT

Gillian Enright has been working as an individual, family and group relational counsellor, facilitator, activist, and educator for more than 25 years. She has a strong focus on complex/ somatic/ intergenerational trauma, relational dynamics, gender violence, boundary discernment, communication and self-agency.

Gillian has extensive experience amongst diverse cultural populations, specifically with Indigenous persons, and the LGBTQ2+ community. She utilizes person-centered, feminist narrative therapy combined with somatic trauma-informed mental health approaches. Through massage therapy and somatic psychology, Gillian has extensively studied the body-mind connection and the capacity for persons to carry intergenerational and immediate experiences within their muscular and neurological systems. Her work and studies have guided her to build a foundational knowledge about the body/mind capacity to resource and align itself toward healing. She dedicates herself to supporting people’s pathways toward self-worth, dignity and loving connections. Presently, Gillian provides services through Bridges Institute, Haven Institute, and private practice.

Some of the methods Gillian uses are narrative therapy, somatic therapy, trauma and intergenerational therapy, person-centered therapy, feminist therapy, queer affirmative therapy, and diversity inclusive therapy.

Leland Maerz, MEd, RCT, CCC

Leland Maerz is a creative and dynamic therapist that has been supporting individuals, families and couples for over 15 years. He has published and presented his work internationally in the field of therapy and restorative practices. Along with working with Tod A. Scott & Associates, he also works as a therapist for Dalhousie University. Leland also offers consultation and training for practitioners who work with those affected by Gender Based, Intimate Partner, and Family Violence. Leland works therapeutically with men, women and queer folx who have harmed others or have been harmed by others. He offers training that helps people effectively engage with how gender, trauma and mental health affect people’s paths to justice and repairing the harms of abuse and violence.

James Maynard,, MES, MSW, RSW

James Maynard specializes in helping people resolve experiences of trauma. He has presented his work internationally. Along with working with Tod A. Scott & Associates, James also works at the Bridges Counselling Centre, New Start Counselling and on the Assessment Team with the Halifax Domestic Violence Court. James offers training and consultations for practitioners working with people moving away from the negative effects of trauma. He also specializes in developing coordinated community responses to domestic violence.

Penny Moore, MSW, RSW

For over 25 years, Penny Moore has supported individuals and families from various locations across Canada. She specializes in addictions and numerous other issues affecting families. Along with working with Tod A. Scott & Associates, Penny also works for the Department of National Defence.

Kim MacDonald

Kim is the office manager of daily operations for Tod A. Scott & Associates She has a background in human services and has worked collaboratively with clients to connect them with Tod and his Associates for over five years.
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