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We make life better.

Welcome to our family therapy centre.

Welcome to Tod Augusta Scott & Associates, a centre of family therapists. We offer individual, couple and family therapy services in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our team of dedicated professionals has a passion for helping people create healthy relationships. Our belief is that anyone can learn new ways to handle difficult situations but also be able to build deeper relationships with family and friends. We aim for our clients to feel encouraged and help improve their relationships!

Our individual counselling provides safe and confidential online therapy. You will work with an experienced therapist to achieve your goals and work on such topics as building a better relationship with yourself and healing and managing your feelings. We provide our clients with skills and knowledge that are both backed in research and practice. It is important to our therapists to say current by educating ourselves so as to better serve our clients.

Our counselling sessions address some of the following challenges clients face:

Online Therapist Halifax, Nova Scotia

In an increasingly digital environment and with the unique demands presented in today’s world, accessing therapy should be simple and convenient. With our secure online therapy platform, you can engage in conversations with one of our associates within the comfort and privacy of your own home.
A living room shows the comfort you can enjoy during your online session with your family therapists
A family therapist is seen in an online therapy session.

Experienced & Effective Clinicians

Regardless of the therapeutic approach used, research shows that one of the best predictors of a good outcome in therapy is the strength of the therapeutic relationship. Our family therapists have the background, skills and experience essential to forming such relationships.

Appointment times that work for you

Research also indicates that better outcomes are possible when services are provided at a time, place and frequency that works best for the client. Our clinicians will do their best to be available in a manner that works best for you.
A datebook lays on a table showing that scheduling with our family therapists is easy.
A computer shows Tod Augusta Scott and Associates, a family therapy centre's, logo on a laptop.

Training & Consultations for Helping Professionals

An effective therapist can improve their outcomes through continuous learning and reflection. We provide online training on a number of subjects and therapeutic modalities. We also offer clinical consultations for individuals and groups of helping professionals.

Clinical Therapist Halifax, Nova Scotia

When life presents challenges beyond the norm, you want a therapist who listens, pays attention to what’s important to you and has experience in the means and methods of therapeutic conversations that make a difference. With our secure online therapy platform, we help individuals, couples and families to make their lives better.

With over twenty-five years of experience as a clinical therapist, trainer, consultant and speaker, Tod Augusta Scott, MSW, RSW has built a multi-faceted practice that includes:

Tod Augusta Scott has worked with individuals and families since 1994 and has provided therapy for thousands of adults, children and families. He is known internationally through his publications, training sessions and keynote addresses. He has created and hosted 12 international conferences in the field. His work has been the subject of both film and print media. He has been interviewed by numerous media outlets including the Globe and Mail, New York Magazine, Huffington Post, CBC and Reader’s Digest. Tod has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Canadian Association of Social Workers’ Distinguished Service Award.

Tod’s goal in establishing this practice is to provide effective, individualized and timely counselling. The Associate therapists have been chosen by Tod from the many therapists he has worked with through the years. The Associates are chosen because they are experienced, highly trained professionals with specialized areas of practice. All Associates have over 15 years of professional experience.

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