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Conversations about Gender Based Violence

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COVID lays bare need for organizations that help victims of domestic abuse
Talking with men who have used violence in intimate relationships: An interview with Tod Augusta Scott
After #MeToo allegations, is there a way forward that repairs harm?
A Better Man to be screened in Sudbury
Family violence increases risk for many diseases while harming mental health, Canada’s top doctor warns
New therapy program for violent men coming to N.W.T.
Apologizing For Predatory Behavior Requires More Than Saying ‘I’m Sorry’

Narrative conversations with mandated men: Tod Augusta Scott shares his work in relation to narrative conversations with men who have engaged in violence against their partners.

‘Her supports are gone’: Domestic violence among immigrant women discussed at Halifax conference
Finding new ways to talk about domestic violence
After Abuse, the Possibility of “A Better Man”
A Better Man’s Attiya Khan on Why She Confronted Her Longtime Abuser on Camera
Truro counsellor stars in national documentary about domestic violence
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