Family Therapy and

Counselling Services

Family Therapy and Counselling Services
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Therapists at Tod Augusta Scott Family Therapy have many years of experience in family therapy in Halifax, helping parents deal with the challenges of raising children and creating a nurturing environment in which all members of the family can thrive.  This may involve helping parents find common ground on how they want to raise their children, including finding strategies toward co-parenting rather than cross parenting;  developing age-appropriate consequences for children; helping children in trouble with the law or having difficulty at school; or fostering positive relationships among siblings. 

A father and his two children sit in a family therapy session

Family Therapy Halifax

A father and son hug during a family therapy session

Family therapy can also involve attending to relationships with extended families. Sometimes managing relationships with extended family can strain a couple’s relationship. Tod Augusta Scott Family Therapy’s therapists are knowledgeable about managing transitions with close family members after a couple is married, addressing conflict with extended family over parenting styles, and creating healthy boundaries with loved ones. 

Addictions in the family can also cause significant stress. Our therapists have seen thousands of families who have navigated the challenges of having a family member who is addicted. Often the conversations focus on stabilizing the family as much as possible through this experience.

Family Counsellors Halifax, Nova Scotia

Tod Augusta Scott Family Therapy’s therapists also support families to deal with significant transitions such as when children leave home. Family Counsellors can help families explore how they want to stay connected even after they stop regularly seeing each other.   

Therapists at Tod Augusta Scott Family Therapy also support families through surviving the death of a family member. Often families are unsure how they will survive such painful experiences. Our therapists help families process their grief and re-construct their lives in a manner that honours the memory of the person who died while moving ahead with the family that remains.  

One or more family members may struggle with depression or anxiety. This can affect the family unit as a whole. Our therapist provide therapy for depression and therapy for anxiety. A child may struggle with ADHD and the parents may need some behavioral training to help keep the family home supportive. 

In cases where a relationship is ending, therapists at Tod Augusta Scott Family Therapy help couples achieve peaceful divorces and positive co-parenting relationships. Couples often need support to manage their hurt and anger so they don’t treat their former partner poorly, strain their relationship further and, in turn, negatively impact their self-respect. 

Couples are often invested in ending their intimate relationship well because they both want the best possible outcome for their children. We help ex-partners to co-parent so they can continue to prioritize their children, without pain from the past interfering with their efforts. Part of this process involves parents committing to the importance of each of their relationships with the children. 


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