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Couples Therapy and Counselling Services Halifax, Nova Scotia

Therapists at Tod Augusta Scott Inc. have worked with thousands of couples and provided couples therapy to help them deal with difficult issues in a manner that not only brings them closer but makes their relationship stronger. Often couples face challenges communicating effectively as they attempt to resolve conflicts. Couples may get into the habit of yelling or withdrawing when they try to deal with issues. Our therapists help couples define the ways they prefer to communicate with each other and learn how to effectively resolve issues as they arise.  

Often people learn habitual ways of relating from their childhood experiences. These experiences may lead people to react to their partner in unhelpful ways; for instance, some people learn they always need to be right, apologizing is a sign of weakness, or they always need to have the last word. Other people’s childhood experiences may lead them to avoid conflict at all costs. Tod Inc.’s therapists have worked for many years to help couples interrupt their habitual reactions to each other and replace them with responses that lead them to respectful, caring relationships.

Marriage Counselling Halifax, Nova Scotia

Couples often need support to recover from affairs, either physical or emotional or both and seek marriage counseling. Tod Inc.’s therapists help the partner who had the affair to create a plan to ensure it doesn’t happen again and to begin to repair the harm they have caused.  At the same time, an affair may indicate some unaddressed dissatisfaction within the current relationship. The process of recovery often involves resolving these outstanding issues.  

Conflict and dissatisfaction within a relationship may be caused by different expectations concerning sex. Those expectations can often be influenced by one or both partners’ past experiences of trauma. Therapists help people move through these issues so couples can have the sex life they want.  

Differing financial styles may also contribute to conflict within relationships. Tod Inc.s therapists can help couples define their shared financial goals, as well as cope with the loss of employment, addiction issues and other financial challenges.

Tod Inc.s therapists also help couples resolve the conflict over sharing the domestic load. Such conversations often include examining the amount of work each person does inside and outside the home, the number of leisure time hours each person has, and the care of children. Our therapists help couples work through conversations about expectations of the quality of their living space, as well as discussing what makes each person feel respected and appreciated in the relationship.

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