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Hello, I am Tod Augusta Scott and I am the founder of Tod Augusta Scott Family Therapy. I strongly believe that the quality of our relationships with others and ourselves influences our ability to face life’s challenges. These relationships may be with our partners, children, siblings, parents, colleagues, friends and others.  When close relationships are strained, life becomes much more difficult to manage.  In our work together, I aim to emphasise people creating stronger relationships with themselves and with others so they are better able to face the painful challenges in life.  

I specialise in working with relationships that are experiencing high conflict. Sometimes the pain of these conflicts is so intense that people are unable to communicate at all.  In these situations, I can work with one party, while I direct another therapist to work with the other person in the relationship.  We would work with both separately in an effort to open the communication between the two.  This communication may be only through the therapists talking, through letters, video or in-person.  If you want more information on this approach, visit our high conflict relationships page. 

My work in dealing with high conflict has been both published widely and presented internationally. This work was also highlighted in a documentary A Better Man, which was produced by Canadian Director Sara Polley. 

Our team works collaboratively with both parties to understand the problems faced and to create solutions that work.  We provide a safe, judgement-free, and nurturing space, where you can show up exactly as you are. We practice from a trauma informed and culturally sensitive lens and incorporate practices primarily from Narrative Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and Restorative Justice.  Our therapists are senior in their field and all of our associates must also have a Masters in counselling. As such our therapists are trained and experienced taking the lead on the toughest challenges. Our treatment approach is catered to each individual client and relationship to ensure that resolution and progress happens.

I provide therapy to individuals, ages 15 and up, as well as couples and other relationships. My areas of focus include repairing harm in relationships, stopping emotional abuse, developing self-compassion and compassion for others. I also support clients who are experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, and grief. 

Outside of my counselling work, I enjoy my relationship with my partner and the fun we are having with our two teenagers. I also am grateful for my relationships with my three siblings and my close friends. I love sailing, writing, hiking, Nova Scotia history, playing guitar and travelling. 

I look forward to connecting with you,



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