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Gillian Enright

Masters in Counselling Psychology (MA)
Registered Counselling Therapist - Candidate (RCT-C)
Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC)
Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Current Studies and Training

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • Foundational Narrative Therapy Certificate

Areas of Practice

Hello, my name is Gillian Enright and I sincerely welcome connecting and conversation with you. For over 25 years, I have assisted many clients in seeking life changes. I believe this desire for change arises when important elements of life become distress-full and social skills become stuck. In this stuckness, feelings of unhappiness, isolation and worry about ourselves and our relationship begin to fester. With me, you have the opportunity to decrease the festering and escape the stuckness to reclaim your cherished values, skills and life stories. You will practice and integrate flexibility, genuine communication, an open mindset, a calmer and relaxed neurological body, a trusting attitude, and a respectful and safe approach to  relationships. You will reunite with your preferred essential self, decrease your isolation, and ignite a loving, safe, trustworthy connection with yourself and your relationships.

My work is person centered and you are the author of your life stories. I commit to you a safe and trustworthy relationship. You will be listened to, supported, and can show up as you. I offer you respect, a high regard and a compassionate presence.

I practice from a somatic, trauma informed approach with a diversity sensitive lens. I incorporate practices from somatic, complex trauma and intergenerational therapy, narrative therapy, queer affirmative therapy, diversity inclusive therapy and polyvagal theory. My treatment supports each individual in their unique needs. I provide therapy to individuals, groups, couples and parents from the age of 16 up. My areas of focus include somatic well being, self-regulation and co-regulation, relational boundaries, communication,  redirecting harmful patterns and violence, general mental health concerns, sexuality, gender diversity, self growth, spirituality, life transitions and supporting loving relationships.

I offer training in somatic approaches, complex trauma and relationship co-regulation, and intimate partner violence group work.

Outside of my counselling, I enjoy morning coffee, walks with my dogs, and cooking and sharing meals with my love partner. I can not get enough of nature, meditation, reading, and watching movies. I love engaging in the meaning of life conversations with friends and strangers. Being with my son and playing with my grandson is the best.


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