Institutional, Clinical & Individual

Institutional, Clinical, & Individual Consultations

Gender-based violence is prevalent and is abuse that many women and girls are highest at risk of experiencing. GBV can be physical or emotional and can happen in relationships, between family members, in the workplace or even between strangers. 

Tod Augusta Scott and Associates provide training to institutions in dealing with GBV and structuring policy and procedures around being proactive to avoid causing harm.

We also provide clinical consultations to practitioners who are looking to further educate themselves by learning new techniques and further their development.

Our individual consultations can help those who have gone through harm both in the past and present. These sessions provide an opportunity for individuals to overcome traumas and provide ways to explore possibilities for repair.

Institutional Consultations

Tod Augusta Scott provides consulting services to government departments, universities and corporations seeking to repair harm in cases of GBV. He can help organizations uphold institutional values and promote accountability while also respecting issues of confidentiality for both parties in the process. Tod can assist in the design of a structure that addresses repair, trauma and gender in a process that avoids causing further harm.

Clinical Consultations

Tod provides clinical consultation sessions for individual practitioners and for groups of practitioners. These sessions are a powerful, reflective learning tool using various instructional methods such as role-playing, videos and articles to re-enforce the topics being covered. In these sessions, practitioners can share their struggles and successes with specific cases, as well as hone their skills and techniques.

Individual Consultations

Tod provides individuals with consultation sessions on how to proceed when they want to engage in repairing harm. People can explore the possibility of creating repair outside of the traditional legal system. People sometimes want to repair the harm that was done in the present or the past.

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